Tech Strategy

Strategic Technology Solutions

At Echo, we understand that it’s not enough to just stay in front of what’s happening with technology and consumer behavior. To be effective, you have to leverage new tools and trends based on sound business principles and innovative thinking.

That all starts with the right plan. It might include development that integrates with all the right hardware and systems. Or resources that range from the efficiency of a content management system to the consumer impact of virtual reality. Or expertise from multiple disciplines to ensure a smart and comprehensive marketing approach. Or all of the above.

The magic mix differs for each objective, but one thing is certain: With the rate of change we experience today, there’s no consistent playbook. Your solutions will only be as good as the experts that put them together.

Strategy is one of the ways Echo shines. Let us put together the perfect technology plan for you.

VoxxHirschman initially contacted the team at Echo to help them develop mobile consumer solutions for their automotive-based entertainment devices. We assisted their leadership group with core technology development and deployment of their mobile solutions. However, as our relationship with VOXX evolved, Echo became a valued strategic partner and we have provided them with fully integrated long-term Product Development and Innovation.

The FLHouse app is a first and only application from the Florida House of Representatives. With over 80 features (including bill tracking and live streaming from the House floor) it is a robust tool for anyone looking to keep up with what’s going on with the legislative body, as well as immediately know what impactful legislation is being decided upon. Thousands of documents are now easily available, and through a myriad of APIs, bills and materials previously difficult to obtain and discern from, are now immediately available. Development of this complex app was achieved in a compressed timeframe of a few months in order to launch by session start.