Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile is Critical for Today’s Businesses

1. Smartphones Are Everywhere!

In 2014, over 80% of mobile phone users in the United States own smartphones that are capable of delivering consumers valuable information literally at the tips of their fingers.  The simplicity and ease of using mobile applications has increasingly driven consumers to use mobile apps as their primary source of information and entertainment.  In addition, your customers have become increasingly accustomed to doing business while on the move.  The broad adoption and continued growth of smartphones shows just how important this connection is for consumers!

2. Mobile Applications Really DO Grow Your Business

Many businesses have yet to realize the powerful ability for mobile applications to drive growth.  But for those that have, mobile applications are extremely valuable tools to help businesses drive customer acquisition, higher revenues, and greater customer loyalty.  In 2015, applications are expected to drive over $36 Billion in revenues.  That’s a whopping 400% increase since 2011.  This growth is largly driven by consumer behavior.  More and more consumers are choosing to shop, make purchases, and seek customer service through a branded mobile application experience

3. Mobile Apps Provide a “First-Class” Customer Experience

The power of mobile applications allow businesses to interact with their customers in unique ways you simply cannot do by mobile web.  And customers know it!  In 2014, mobile users spent an average of over 30 hours a month with applications on their phones.  That compares to just under 4 hours on mobile web sites.  Clearly, applications provide a stronger and more compelling experience that consumers enjoy.

4. Mobile Applications Help Build Your Brand

Customers who interact with a brand through a mobile application have a 67% higher engagement with that company compared to users who do not.  And for businesses that provide a comprehensive expereience by mobile application, they have a clear competitive advantage over other businesses.  Customers consistently score businesses higher when they communicate to them in ways they want so don’t leave your customers behind.

5. Echo Interaction Builds Award-Winning Applications

Echo works closely with clients to understand their goals, objectives, target market and even their ultimate exit strategy. You’ll see from first engagement that we will take your idea, however small, however ambitious, and turn it into a revolutionary platform that can change the world, and your customers’ lives. That’s how important we see every project. And that impeccable reputation for quality work has helped over 100 clients reach their mobile goals.

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