Voxx Automotive

VoxxHirschman initially contacted the team at Echo to help them develop mobile consumer solutions for their automotive-based entertainment devices.  We assisted their leadership group with core technology development and deployment of their mobile solutions.  However, as our relationship with VOXX evolved, Echo became a valued strategic partner and we have provided them with fully integrated long-term Product Development and Innovation.


Technical Strategy Overview

Project Planning
• Business Overview and Requirements
• User Scenario and Feature Analysis
• Existing Code Assessment
• Functionality Specifications and Technical Feasibility Overview
• Initial Wireframes and Architecture Flow
• Branding and UI/UX Consideration
• Budget, Timeline and Resource Expectations


Technical Feasibility Planning
• Ideation, Research and Investigation
• Product Development Support
• Marketing and Public Relations
• Business Growth Consulting


Community Relations
• Helped connect with local tech companies at TechMatch event
• Sourced regional leaders for Lake Nona ribbon cutting event for new facility
• Economic Development Committee recognition and community spotlight


Vendor Procurement / Management
• Local Engineering Support
• Local Mechanical Support
• Local Hardware Support
• Local Firmware Support
• 3rd Party Peer Review


Development Overview

Core Mobile Applications
• Native iOS Application
• Native Android Application
• White Label Architecture Support
• SDK Development and Support
• Deployment and Launch
• Maintenance and Ongoing Support


Trade Show Demos / Prototypes
• Ford AppLink Integration Prototype
• Apple Watch Remote Control Integration
• Virtual Reality Application
• HDMI link Android Demo Application
• White Label After-Market Demo

Voxx Virtual Reality for Video Streaming Concept

Echo worked with Voxx to create a working prototype for CES 2017 to demonstrate a new innovative solution for streaming video content from the second row entertainment system to third-row passengers. This demo puts the users inside a 3D environment with the Voxx Family Entertainment System inside an accurate 360 model of a top-line vehicle. In the demo, users can see movies playing ahead of them on the FES monitors and can select to watch one of the movies by simply moving their head to align with the monitor of their choice. After hovering for a few seconds, the user will enter the video stream and the VR headset will now be playing the movie. The user will now be able to enjoy watching the movie from the conform of the third row, hands free!

Take a tour of the demo in the video below! Hit the play button and use your cursor to move around inside the 3D vehicle.